Values and commitments

Published on 24 June

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Values and commitments

La Boulangère doesn’t mess around with quality. It carefully selects all the ingredients that go into making its bread. Trust lies at the heart of its relationship with suppliers. Yes, La Boulangère knows what it wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it.  

To prove its good faith, La Boulangère has acquired certification from IFS and Ecocert, two external bodies that monitor ingredient selection and manufacturing methods as well as food safety processes every year. 

As well as being a fantastic cook, La Boulangère also has a few green fingers, which has allowed it to knead and shape a range of fully ORGANIC breads. La Boulangère knows it needs to rise to the occasion in terms of the environment, and has made eco issues its priority. All raw materials are sourced from Organic Farming that uses no chemical fertilizers or pesticides.   

Finally, while indulging its consumers, La Boulangère looks after them too: almost all of its products are guaranteed to contain no palm oil.