All about bread

Published on 24 June

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All about 

Did you know that when you sit back and enjoy a slice of toast, you’re engaging in an age old practice that is an integral part of the history of civilisation?

From the prehistoric era to the modern day, bread has journeyed across the centuries, been a key component of progress and has survived wars. From rye to wheat, white to black, it’s still standing today – and even more scrumptious than before.  

What secrets does it hide beneath its golden crust? Is it possible to eat bread and stay slim? Bread can sometimes be misrepresented, yet it contains a number of nutritional benefits. 

La Boulangère fibre

Bread has many virtues just waiting to be discovered – and La Boulangère isn’t about to hide them from you! By choosing wholemeal or multi-grain bread, you’ll be boosting your fibre intake. The PNNS (National Health and Nutrition Programme) recommends that fibre intake be doubled.  

Bread: a staple of overall health

It’s often said that eating too much bread makes people put on weight. What are you trying to say? That La Boulangère could do with losing a few? Let’s look at the facts: bread is made up of carbohydrates, the aim of which is to slowly release energy the body needs, allowing it to continue functioning until the next meal without experiencing hunger pangs. Bread isn’t to blame here. Instead, consider what you put on it. If you need a little something to tide you over, better to choose bread than a chocolate bar or a biscuit stuffed full of hidden fat. Judge for yourself: La Boulangère looks good, and bread is its business!