The history

Published on 24 June

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The history

It all began with two bakers and a bakery.  

In 1969 when Jean Fillon was 22 years old, he bought a bakery and patisserie in Chataigneraie.

In 1976, he took over his parents’ bakery on rue des Herbiers, and found himself managing two bakeries with the help of wife Marie-Denise.

Two years later, Jean Fillon began delivering bread and then brioche to three Henri Vincendeau supermarkets in Herbiers, Boupère and Saint-Mars-la-Réorthe (85).

Fillon brioche began to take off in the large-scale distribution network, and Marie-Denise and Jean Fillon invested in a new kneading machine and oven… but it wasn’t enough. Working from the high street didn’t allow the couple to meet the needs of individuals and supermarkets alike.  

In 1985, the pair founded La Boulangère and moved to an 800m² space in an industrial park in La Buzenière, Herbiers. Jean Fillon began marketing his products under the La Boulangère name, which helped the brand to expand across France and abroad in the viennoiserie sector.  

In 2004, a new, bread-focused range appeared in shops. Yes, you guessed correctly. La Boulangère has always been full of good ideas. And the story continues to this day.