Who is La Boulangère?

Published on 24 June

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Who is 
La Boulangère?

Modern, active, creative, La Boulangère is a baking-obsessive with a hectic lifestyle and a love of supermarkets, which is where it got its reputation as something of a troublemaker. It can happen. Especially when, like La Boulangère, you have taste, passion and conviction. Because if bread is something you care about, it’s something that is absolutely essential to La Boulangère, and rightly so.  

No food is more ubiquitous than bread, and no food has hoisted upon it more expectation. So La Boulangère dreams up new bread, talks about bread, shares it and is generally the best thing since… well, since sliced bread. 

La Boulangère takes a forward-thinking approach to inventing recipes and ideas to highlight bread in all of its glory. Open and packed full of good intentions, La Boulangère knows how to use its loaf to bring you the very best Viennese baguettes, crustless sliced bread or Swedish bread, and much more.