• Toastiligne Wholemeal Sliced Bread

Toastiligne Wholemeal Sliced Bread

La Boulangère has expanded its Toastiligne sliced bread range and is proud to present a wholemeal variety! With no added fat or sugar, you can relax and indulge. While delicious and sumptuous, the wholemeal Toastiligne sliced bread recipe is rich in fibre and allows you to meet the PNNS (National Health and Nutrition Programme) requirements and improve the balance of your diet.   

Perfect for breakfast, the Toastiligne sliced bread is also delicious for making sandwiches.  

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Whole wheat flour, water, salt, plain flour, yeast, salt, wheat gluten, soya flour, emulsifiers: E471-E481, distilled vinegar, preservative: calcium propionate, gelling agent: guar gum, flour treatment agent, ascorbic acid.

Total weight : 500 g
Servings: 12 slices

Average nutritional values

  Per 100 g
Energy 240 kcal / 1014 kJ
Fat 1,5 g
Of which are saturated 0,5 g
Of which acids mono insaturés fat 0,2 g
Of which acids poly insaturés fat 0,8 g
Carbohydrate 46,5 g
Of which sugar 3,3 g
Of which starch (slow sugars) 39,6
Fibres 2,5 g
Protein 7,9 g
Sodium 0,53 g

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