Any questions? Any queries concerning our La Boulangère breads? Check the FAQ section!

Do your products contain peanuts?

La Boulangère products do not intentionally contain peanut allergens. La Boulangère is committed to complying with the regulations in force, declaring all allergens contained in products on the ingredient lists that appear on product packaging.  

How should your products be stored after opening?

Once you’ve opened your packet of La Boulangère sliced bread, don’t forget to reseal it and store at room temperature away from any source of heat. The La Boulangère world breads may be kept refrigerated for 48 hours after opening.

Can La Boulangère products be frozen?

La Boulangère products may be frozen unless otherwise indicated on the packaging. 

What oil is used in your bread?

La Boulangère’s high standards mean rapeseed or sunflower oil are mainly used.

Where can I get nutritional information on your products?

Nutritional information for products is displayed on the packaging of products sold in supermarkets and department stores. You can also find this information on the La Boulangère website on each product description sheet.

Why choose La Boulangère products over others?

La Boulangère products offer unrivalled softness and fantastic taste. What’s more, La Boulangère gives you a huge choice of original bread and new recipes to ensure a variety of different tastes and textures, offering something for everyone. The La Boulangère crustless sliced bread was awarded the 2013 taste award of the year! And if you are still doubting La Boulangère’s word, why not try the bread for yourself? We promise you’ll be won over.

They say bread makes you put on weight. Is that true?

As you can see for yourself, La Boulangère is in great shape! Eating bread on a daily basis ensures a balanced diet. The recommended amount of bread to eat is roughly 130g a day. As the brain and muscles’ primary source of energy, bread keeps you feeling full via its high complex carbohydrate, protein and fibre content, and its low fat content. La Boulangère has said it before but will say it again: bread is the very best of dining companions.  

I don’t know whether to choose plain or wholemeal bread

The difference between the two lies in their nutritional content and the type of flour used. Wholemeal sliced bread contains more fibre (type 150 flour) and so will be more filling – a great way to avoid mid-afternoon snacking. What’s more, wholemeal bread helps the digestive process.

I took part in a promotional offer but haven’t received my prize/refund

Don’t worry - La Boulangère is doing everything it can to make sure you receive your prize as soon as possible. Please do not hesitate to check the rules of the game you took part in to see when the draw date is. If you haven’t heard anything from Boulangère within 8 weeks of this date, you should assume you were not selected as a winner.

I’d like to know the terms of one of your current offers

Head over to the games and offers page of the La Boulangère website. You’ll find all the latest news on current offers as well as information on how the games work. 

How can I get my hands on some discount vouchers?

La Boulangère gives out discount vouchers in stores during promotional events. It also takes care to add tear-off discount vouchers on product packaging so that you may enjoy reductions immediately or on your next purchase.  

Do your products contain GMOs?

La Boulangère is committed to bringing you quality products only. Its raw materials do not come from GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). Promise.

Why doesn’t my local shop stock La Boulangère products anymore?

La Boulangère is doing everything it can to make all of its products available. It may be possible that your store has decided to not stock some of our products. We invite you to ask the customer service desk of your local store when they next expect to have it in stock, or if the product order can be renewed.