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Fromage Frais and Norwegian Salmon Multi-Grain Club Sandwich

This recipe will surprise you with its delicate blend of flavours.



Cut the chicory into even rectangles the same size as the slices of bread. Cut the green apple into sticks, then drizzle with lemon juice. Peel the clementine and cut into thin slices.  
Mix a dash of olive oil and white wine balsamic vinegar together to create a vinaigrette.  
In a salad bowl, mix the fromage frais, season with fine salt and curry powder.

Place the slices of La Boulangère Multi-Grain Sliced Bread under the grill, then lay them out side by side (4 rows of 3).   
Season the chicory leaves with the vinaigrette and fine salt.  
Lay out 3 slices of bread. On the first, spread a little curry cream followed by a slice of Norwegian smoked salmon. On the second, place curry cream, green apple sticks, and the clementine slices and a slice of Norwegian smoked salmon. Finally, on the third spread the curry cream, then place the slices of bread on top of each other.  
Do the same with the 3 other slices of bread.  
Finish by trimming the edges of the sandwich, then cut diagonally across and spear through with a toothpick. 
Serve with a salad dressed with vinaigrette and fine salt.  

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